MMC Kultur

Kultur is the latest release of Mastermind Creations in their Reformatted line. After Cynicus (Vos) and Anarchus (Kaon), Kultur, aka Tarn, is the third release, and leader, of the Decepticon Justice Division. And my my, what a release it is. A magnificent figure. The tank mode is fine. The transformation is simple but effective, and the robot mode is simply amazing. MMC did a fantastic job of translating Alex Milne's design to 3 dimensions. He's a good size, imposing due to his broad shoulders, and has all the necessary details such as the double barreled fusion cannon, and the removable Decepticon mask. He is very posable and stable due to his large feet, with my only nitpick being the cannon sometimes getting in the way of the elbow articulation. A great release, worthy of being the leader of the DJD!