Megatron (Leader)

This is a great toy. Not only is this the best Megatron design in all 5 movies, but it's also one of the best toys (together with the also great Voyager version) The jet mode is gorgeous, nice and big, with a great wingspan and zero kibble under the wings. The robot mode is nice an big, has all the required articulation, including wrist swivels, and has a great paint job, with a silver gray wash applied generously. I love the face mask gimmick. The only "negatives" are the big holes in the forearms, and the default "popeye arms" position of the arms. However there is enough articulation present to make this a small issue IMO. Also your opinion may vary on the big arm cannon. I don't mind it, because it's Megatron, and he's had bigger arm cannons.