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MP-36 Megatron

Let me start right away by saying that MP-36 Megatron is the best Masterpiece figure made so far. It's stunning, the true definition of a Masterpiece. Looking at the robot mode, it's amazing to think that it actually transforms into a gun. The transformation is genius, although it has some tight tolerances. The robot might be the most posable Transformers figure ever made. I haven't found a pose he cannot pull off. And it transforms!! What the hell! This combined with the multiple faces, and battle damage options, truly bring this figure to life. This figure *is* Megatron in all his forms; intimidating, menacing, intelligent, evil, maniacal, 80's villain, power house, and a leader. The gray paint was a masterstroke by Takara IMO, thinking outside the box from pretty much every Megatron toy made. His headsculpt(s) is perfection as we are used to with Takara. Yes, he is that good Ga naar de gallery

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SH Figuarts Dragon Ball Z

Naast Transformers ben ik ook een fan van Dragon Ball Z. Nadat ik de fantastische S.H. Figuarts figuren in mijn handen had, moest ik er wel wat mee doen.
Uiteindelijk had ik het plan om heel het gevecht tussen Gohan en Cell na te maken in strip/manga vorm met deze figuren. En zie hier het 7-delige resultaat.
Nadat ik Gohan vs Cell had gedaan, heb ik de zesdelige "prequel" Goku vs Cell gemaakt Bekijk alle DBZ Figuarts comics